The Philadelphia Campaign

by the

 The Philadelphia Inquirer

This is an excellent 14-part series by 

Philadelphia Inquirer Staff Reporter Michael Schaffer in 2002,

providing a background into the Philadelphia Campaign, in the fall of 1777


Part I - The Redcoats deemed Philadelphia key to victory (Plans to take the city)

Part II - Washington's scouting trip takes a hair raising turn (Landing at Head of Elk)

Part III - An army retreats, but is far from defeated (Battle of Brandywine)

Part IV - Night bayonet attack sent Americans reeling (Paoli Massacre)

Part V - The city of Philadelphia is emptied of rebels as the British soldiers enter, but rings with cheers of loyalists

Part VI - Americans' attack at Germantown melts into panic

Part VII - Canons boom on the Delaware River (the Siege of Fort Mifflin)

Part VIII - Washington and his men are itching for a fight (Encampment at Whitemarsh)

Part IX - Cold and hungry, a ragged army settles in at Valley Forge

Part X - Washington weathers harsh winter, criticism at Valley Forge

Part XI - For some black soldiers, war was their own freedom fight

Part XII - With their strategy in tatters, they were leaving Philadelphia. But first, they threw quite a party.

Part XIII - France aids on the road to freedom

Part XIV - Redcoats Flee City as Rebel Tide Rises

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