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Men's Clothing and Accoutrements

So you want to join his excellency, General George Washington, and his Continental troops as they fight the tyrannical British? Once you've signed your name on the drum head, there are a few items you will need to be effective on the battlefield. Our unit is growing, and our quartermaster has only a small repository of clothing, accouterments or equipment to loan until you get your own uniform and accouterments together (much like the real army experienced throughout the Revolution).  CLICK HERE to see our uniform requirements.


Please bear in mind that you won't need to rush out and get all these things at once, as some members of our unit have many years under their belts and still don't have all their 'stuff'.  Items considered essential to fall out and field with the unit will be marked as such.


On the left is a plate drawing of a private from the 11th Pennsylvania Regiment, extracted from Uniforms of the American Revolution (Plate 124), by John Mollo, 1975.  The Pennsylvania Evening Post of April 22, 1777 mentioned that a deserter had "... A new suit of regimentals, consisting of a light infantry cap, blue coat with scarlet cape and cuffs, white woolen waistcoat, new buckskin breeches."

Weaponry / Accoutrements:


Flintlock Musket/Rifle - (Essential) This would undoubtedly be one of your most expensive acquisitions, but necessary if you are going into battle. The British Brown Bess and the French Charleville are the two most popular models of muskets, but any model musket prior to 1763 would be acceptable.  


Bayonet with Scabbard (Essential)




Cartridge Box - (Essential) Holds prepared charges of powder


Canteen - (Essential) Wooden, tin or gourd.  


Musket Tool - (Essential) Multipurpose screwdriver for changing flints and performing in-field maintenance


Spare Flints - (Essential) 


Wooden Flints - For drills and practice


Hammer Stall - (Essential) A protective leather thong that goes over the frizzen, preventing a spark from accidentally firing the musket


Flash Guard - (Essential) To prevent burns from a musket's touch hole


Haversack - Generic sack that carries eating utensils, rations

Miscellaneous Items:



Cooking / Eating Utensils


Note: Although many of these items would not be needed for a single day's event (such as a tent), all are quite handy and used during our weekend long engagements.

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